Salt Lake Temple Wedding | Taylor & Annie | Utah Wedding Photographer

These two were just the absolute sweetest couple you will ever find. I couldn't even keep track of how many times throughout the night they said thank you to me and my second shooter for being there to capture their special day, but really I should have been saying thank you to them. They had the most dreamy wedding and reception at the SLC temple and Cactus and Tropicals (I had been wanting to shoot here for so long so I was thrilled when they said they would be having their reception there!) 

They were so blissfully happy together the entire day, you could tell they didn't see anyone else but each other. And if you didn't think they were cute enough yet, as I was photographing their first dance, I didn't recognize the song that was playing- I though "oh cool, I love when couples choose unique songs that I haven't heard!"... but then I heard Annie's name in it. Taylor WROTE, SANG, AND RECORDED their first dance song. SERIOUSLY! How freaking cute is that! These two are serious marriage goals! 

Haylee & Vince | Red Ledges | Utah Couples Photographer

Haylee's parents and my parents are basically BFFs, so we sort of grew up together! We ended up getting married just one week apart, and now live pretty close to each other too! Crazy how life works out. When she asked me to take their anniversary photos I was beyond excited because they are just the cutest couple ever! It made me even more excited because Haylee wanted to shoot somewhere a little more unique! We ended up shooting at the Red Ledges in Diamond Fork Canyon, and they turned out just absolutely gorgeous- see for yourself! 

Austin & Erica | Tibble Fork Engagements

You know how everyone says that they're awkward in front of the camera? These two said that too, but they either lied or just don't know how photogenic they are! I was so excited when Erica texted me and told me that Tibble Fork was finally reopened! It is seriously a photographer's dream out there, and so fun to shoot at. It's even where I took my own engagements! I can't wait for their wedding in San Diego in September! 

Haelly & Harrison | Squaw Peak Engagements

I've known Haelly since we were little beehives and miamaids in Young Womens at church together. She is just the cutest most loving person you will ever meet! Love her, so much, as does her fiance Harrison! They are really a match made in heaven, they are so sweet and loving together and not afraid to show it which is just the BEST. Congratulations you two and I can't wait for your wedding in August! 

Childless Mothers: A Portrait Series

I've been trying to write this blog post for months, and I just couldn't find a way to perfectly say how I feel about this project. I've finally just realized there's never going to be a perfect way to explain the feelings and emotions that were there during this project, but hopefully they come through in the photographs.

Miscarrying a child has always been one of my biggest fears, and has grown even more prevalent since being married this last year. While we aren't trying for children yet, it terrifies me to think of the endless possibilities that can go wrong in a pregnancy. 

People have always told me I'm exactly like my mother, and I really am. We have the same mannerisms, we look the same, we have almost identical personalities, and pretty similar lives. Sometimes I feel like I'm literally just following in my mother's footsteps of her life. My mom miscarried 3 children in 2 pregnancies. After me, the doctors finally figured out how to help my mom have children, but it wasn't easy. My mom had to administer her own shots every single day throughout three entire pregnancies. I remember as kid seeing the buckets full of needles on the counter that my mom had to take. Although the problems that caused my mom's miscarriages aren't genetic and can't be passed down to me, it still is something that I'm so scared of happening.

My mom's experience with miscarriage is what motivated and inspired this project. Did you know that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriages? Still births are a 1 in 160 chance. Preterm births cause over 1,000,000 deaths per year, and 1/3 of infant deaths are due to preterm related causes. Losing a child is SO COMMON, yet so hidden, private, and misunderstood. It seems as if no one knows what to say to someone who has lost a child, but the most common response that I got from these women is that they just need to know you are there for them if they need you. Be a support. 

I was lucky enough to have 6 women volunteer to participate in my project, who I cannot thank enough! (each of them gave me permission to post their photographs). Along with their portraits, I asked each of them to bring an item or memento that reminded them of their baby. Each of these women in this series were so great and I'm so grateful for how open and honest they were with their experiences. Some of them lost a child nearly 10 years ago, others only 2 weeks ago. Some are pregnant again, some are not. Some have children now, some don't. The one thing they have in common is that they each have so much strength, and I admire them all for that. 


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Aimee & Josh Call | Trolley Square | Couples Photographer

Aimee was a winner of a giveaway that I did, but we had met in China! I barely recognized her because she used to be blonde way back then. These two were so fun to spend the afternoon at Trolley Square with. We pretended like they were on their first date and it made for just the cutest pictures. It was lucky that we had planned to shoot at Trolley Square for our photoshoot, because it was pouring rain that day! It stopped for just a few minutes at the end of our shoot so we were able to get some photos with the pretty new spring blossoms outside. 

Elizabeth & JD | Utah Lake | Utah Engagement Photographer

Elizabeth and I were in the same ward freshman year, so it was so exciting when she called me up and asked me to do her engagement photos! Her and JD make such a cute couple and were so fun to spend a few hours with. 

I had gone to the location the day before and mapped out where I wanted to go shoot exactly, but since I've shot here before, I didn't check everything. And I should have. We started walking down to the edge of the lake at sunset time (because duh, I wanted cool lake-sunset photos, who wouldn't?), and the ground started getting really wet... alot earlier than it should. We weren't able to go all the way out to the lake because the water had come in too far. We got back up to the car and there was another couple there that told us it was swamp land, and there were sinkholes! They had sat up there watching us to make sure we were all okay! Thank goodness nothing happened, but now I know not to shoot out there in the summer! haha. 

Luckily we were still able to get some gorgeous sunset pictures of them and everything turned out great! 

Abigail & Joe Graduation | BYU | Utah Couples Photographer

Who would have known 4 years later that I'd be taking my freshman roommate's graduation photos! Abby has been such a great friend over these last four years and I'm so excited for her and her husband's new adventures in Washington. They are just the best people, and so happy. You never would have known that they were dealing with two deaths in their family the day that I took these. I was so glad that I was able to help them forget about their trials and capture happy moments between these two newest BYU graduates! <3 you Abby! 

Boudoir Shoot with Rachel Elizabeth Bridal

I was invited to join in on this collaboration shoot with so many great vendors and artists, and it was so much fun! Rachel Elizabeth Bridal has some GORGEOUS designs, GO TO HER! 

To check out the published photos go to this link!  ->


Magazine: Wed Utah

Model: Kristin Rose Davis

Makeup & Hair: Christina Looper

Dresses/Lingerie: Rachel Elizabeth Bridal

Claire & Andrew | Payson Temple | Utah Wedding Photographer

Claire and Andrew's Bridal session will probably forever go down as one of my absolute favorites. Everything came together just perfectly, and they are just the absolute cutest! (And super photogenic, they're basically models) 

Also- we didn't realize until their bridal session that me and Andrew had a class together almost two years ago. He remembered my husband but not me. (lol that just goes to show how social I really am) 

But seriously I just love these two and wish I could photograph them all the time because they are such fun people!

Tincher Wedding | Las Vegas Temple | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

So happy my friend Kylee asked me to photograph her wedding, because it was absolutely GORGEOUS! We were lucky enough for it to stop raining just before they came out of the temple, which also gave us absolutely perfect light to work with. (Also- obsessed with her bridesmaids' dresses. If anyone is looking for bridesmaid dresses look on, it's where I got my own too!)

Claire & Andrew | Provo Orchard | Utah Engagement Photographer

These two lovers are just the cutest couple ever. They were awesome and explored Provo Castle with me for the first time and it's definitely one of my new favorite spots to shoot! I can't wait for their wedding in March!