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I'm an adventurous wedding and engagement photographer based in Northern Utah. I grew up in Las Vegas, and picked up my first DSLR at a church party when I was 14. I haven't put it down since! (but I have gotten a new once since then, don't worry ;) )

I graduated from BYU with my BA Degree in Visual Arts & Photography, as well as my Art Education teaching license. I work as a junior high art teacher at a charter school in Spanish Fork, UT. 

When I'm not taking photos, you can probably find me either cuddling with my husband and cat, cooking new recipes (especially chinese!), eating dole whip at Disneyland, or traveling. 

My husband and I love to travel. My favorite country is and probably will forever stay China, where I lived and taught 6-7 year olds for 6 months. 

Obviously since my wedding day I'd say that I've never been happier than with my sweet husband, Jordan. His daily kisses and cuddles make life so much sweeter. 

The photographs from our wedding day are our constant reminders of our happiness together, and I want to make those memories for you as well. After the flowers have wilted, you've moved into your new home, and unwrapped all your gifts, the only thing left to re-live your wedding day is your photos. I understand how important this is and I work my best to capture every small and big detail of your special day. ❤